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Toothbrush – Children

Most children will cut their first teeth at around 6 – 8 months, therefore it is very important that children get used to brushing their teeth at an early age.. When the first tooth appears you should start to brush your child’s teeth in the morning and in the evening. Using a soft TANDEX 3 Baby brush will allow you to effectively remove plaque from the teeth and gum tissue keeping the child’s teeth clean while acclimatizing the child to the tooth brushing routine.

As a parent it is very important that you spend time on the toothbrush routine while also allowing your child to sit and use the toothbrush themselves. Supervision and intervention is very important as a child’s dexterity is not developed enough to enable them to achieve a thoroughly plaque free result.

From the age of 6, permanent teeth will start to appear behind the milk teeth. They can be easily overlooked as no baby teeth are lost before they erupt. Because of this, these molars, or 6’s, as they are known, can be very vulnerable to decay especially on the chewing surfaces. Using a TANDEX 4 or TANDEX 9 will ensure easier access to these teeth and the firmer filament arrangement will deliver excellent cleaning on the chewing surfaces.

Children's motor and coordination skills remain poorly developed until the age of 10 to 12. With this in mind it is vital that all tooth brushing is supervised and coached until the child’s skills are adequately developed.

From about the age of 12 molars will begin to erupt behind the permanent molars that arrived when the child was 6. The teeth will take some time to erupt and fully settle into their space, this can cause a problem from a cleaning point of view. The TANDEX SOLO brush is well designed to access behind molars and the partially erupted molars behind, and so keeping the chewing surfaces of the new teeth clean and decay free while they complete their journey into the mouth.

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